Mothers Union News

In July, 4 members from St. Mary’s went to St. John’s High Legh where we
celebrated Holy Communion for our Knutsford Deanery Festival. The theme
for the sermon was “Following in the footsteps of Mary Sumner”and St.
Thomas the Apostle A very pleasant afternoon and good to feel part of our
larger organisation.
Our new programme of meetings begin with a service of Holy Communion in church on Wednesday, 19th September at 2pm followed with tea in the Parish Hall. Everyone is welcome to join us.

Over the coming months we look forward to welcoming some interesting
speakers to our meetings, giving us an insight to the good work which is
done by many, reaching out with their time and talents. If we can we support them.
Mothers’ Union is a movement of Love and Passion which touches 750,000
lives across 84 countries world wide. We at St.Mary’ are a small part of this
great organisation. We would love you to join us. Ask any member about our meetings. All are welcome.

Ann Austin