March 200 Club Winners

Congratulations to the March 2015 winners (Mr & Mrs Cataquet, Mr Wilkinson & Mrs Harwood). A cheque for £372 has been passed to the Treasurer as the quarterly payment towards the upkeep of the Church.  

Oasis Centre – Donate Don’t Dump

The Oasis Centre is a community support day centre which works with a broad cross-section of vulnerable and disadvantaged adults in Gorton, East Manchester – one of the most deprived communities in Britain. Pete was brought up in care and had 15 foster parents, life had been pretty tough. “I had no food left; I … [Read more…]

Oasis – An Evening of Celebration

An Evening of Celebration at the Oasis Centre and Dreams of a New Home are Launched On Saturday 7th March, I attended a wonderful evening hosted by the trustees and friends of the Oasis Centre, along with Maureen Woolley, Janice Sweetman, Margaret Worthington and Janet Adamson. We were there along with 160 other invited guests, … [Read more…]

Social & Birthday Gathering

On March 11th, we had a Soup, Cheese Pate lunch for 17 in the end. We had it at Alderley Cottage – Fun laughter and Chat. Really good to see everybody having a friendly get to-gether. We also celebrated Daisy Barber and Hazel Highton’s 91st Birthdays with birthday cake and Candles.

Easter Flowers

If you would like to make a donation towards the cost of the Lillies and Easter Flowers in Church in memory of loved ones please place your donation in an envelope with your name and the names of those to be remembered clearly written on the outside. Envelopes to be handed to Michael Penlington or placed in the … [Read more…]

From Strasbourg to Alderley

A locum priest, standing in for the Rector, has to adapt him/herself rapidly to a new parish with its own characteristics and traditions. Perhaps this is even more true when the priest and his wife come from the European continent. Although the Diocese of Europe is part of the Church of England, it is a … [Read more…]

John Murray Writes

I should like to start by thanking everybody for the warm welcome my wife, Diane, and I have received from you all. You have made it easy for us to settle in and to learn the ropes of a new parish, and we’re looking forward to working with you while James is away. We are … [Read more…]

Wanted – Vacuum or Wheelchair

The church needs a Vacuum as the old one is no longer around, we wondered if anybody has a spare one? We also need a Wheelchair as the one we have is worn out. Maybe somebody has one lurking about in their garage they no longer require…? Thanks