Oasis Update – January 2018

On behalf of the Oasis team and our clients I would like to wish you all a very happy and peaceful New Year!

2017 was a great year

We have so much to thank God for!   Despite the growing obstacles our clients face including confusing benefit changes, unfair sanctions, abusive relationships, crippling addiction, gang intimidation and threat of eviction…we have never been so confident in seeing lives changed for the better and communities transformed in East Manchester!

In the past 12 months:

  • We had a footfall of 6,831 client attendance (13% increase on 2016)
  • 306 people started using our services for the first time (12% increase)
  • 2,419 crisis issues were dealt with (5% increase)
  • 131 emergency food packs were given to people suffering food poverty
  • 226 people engaged in our basic adult education program (103% increase)
  • 192 people were supported through our IT and Work Club program (17% increase)
  • 37 people were supported into employment (85% increase)  Woohoo!

It’s time to grow – we are opening a fourth day!

For the past 5 years Oasis have seen staggering growth.  With great increase comes great responsibility.  We are not here just to see our numbers grow – simply policing vulnerable people in a centre, that is not success in our eyes!  We want to give each person who walks through our doors the same unconditional, personal and relentless love we have been given through Jesus!

We are working with people who have suffered decades of abuse, addiction, isolation and rejection.  We are serving people who, for years, have been cast aside and told “we can’t help you”.  We are supporting people who, from day one, were not given the opportunities so many of us see as standard…a safe home, an education, healthcare, a voice, a future outside the benefit system.

As the number of people we serve increases, we are realising afresh how vital our new day centre will be for the communities we serve.  We need to be open every day.  Our clients need daily support from what holds them back.  As we prepare for our new day centre to be built in 2018 (we are SO excited!) we have been given the opportunity to open a fourth day at our rented accommodation!  This will mean a 25% increase in support to the most vulnerable and disadvantaged in our East Manchester communities helping us bring hope, change and new opportunities for a forgotten community.

As we see more people living on our city streets there is no way of escaping this sad reality.  At Oasis we are working hard to support homeless people into safe and supportive housing.  Roger Hannah & Co (one of our partnering businesses in Manchester city centre) brought Ed, a young man sleeping rough near their offices, to our attention.  They had been supporting Ed with food and drink but knew that wasn’t the answer.  They gave him one of our leaflets and told him it would be worth the 3 mile walk to Gorton!  A few months later whilst visiting Roger Hannah and Co a lady came up to me with delight in her eyes “Ed came to Oasis and you found him somewhere to live!!” Now that’s partnership!

We also help prevent countless families and individuals fall into this ever-increasing homeless misery.   Last year we dealt with 279 housing issues and 742 benefit issues relating to potential eviction.  We are acutely aware tha

t supporting a vulnerable person in the early stages of eviction has a significant impact on them keeping their tenancy and staying off the streets.  Sam came into Oasis for advice after a family crisis.  She had no money, no qualifications, no income, and two children. She was piling up debts and had not paid her rent for several months, she was worried she would become homeless.  We gave her food packs and helped her apply for benefits she was entitled to.  Sam enrolled onto our education program and once her confidence began to grow Oasis helped her write a CV, and find work experience volunteering near her home.  Sam is now in work and no longer in need of benefits.  She is stable, happy and in control of her life!

Through people like you helping us, praying for us and financially supporting us we are able to help more people like Ed and Sam.  We are sincerely grateful for your support!

If you are interested in getting more involved please visit http://oasisgorton.org/play-your-part/ 

Thank you and God bless!

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