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Summer Achievement Awards

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Summer 3Steve has been coming into Oasis for many years and has been supported by our Community Support team on several occasions to help him deal with his addiction and mental health issues. Now that Steve’s life is turning from chaos to stability he is desperate to get off ESA and achieve something with his life. Coming into Oasis is a real struggle for Steve as he suffers with severe anxiety, but feeling part of our community keeps him coming back! We are delighted that Steve gained two ICT awards in our Summer Achievement Awards Ceremony and also an English certificate. The English certificate was particularly amazing, as to get it, Steve had to give a talk to a group of 15 people. He said he would never be able to achieve it, but with the support of Lizzie and Tina, he conquered one of his biggest fears! Amazing!


Summer 4Sharon has severe learning difficulties and has lived an isolated adult life, spending the majority of her time in her flat, on her own, watching television. She was introduced to Oasis by her sister (who was introduced to Oasis by her local Jobcentre).  When we first met Sharon she was very shy, as you can imagine, having spent so much time on her own. Oasis spent months building her self-esteem and confidence. Sharon is now a constant presence at the centre saying a friendly ‘hello’ to new clients coming in for support. Sharon is always there first, waiting for the doors to open, and she is often the last to leave. In September, Sharon will be the first client to enrol on our new ‘one-to-one’ literacy workshops. She is excited that, as she explained to Lizzie, ‘I’ll be able to read the TV guide all by myself, I’ve always wanted to do that but nobody has ever taught me.’


Summer 5Tim came into Oasis in a desperate state: he had learning difficulties and had never worked. The Jobcentre said he needed to use computers to look for 25 jobs a week. This overwhelmed Tim as he had never used a computer and struggled to read and write. By the time he came to Oasis, four other organisations had turned him down as they felt he needed more support than they could offer. Tim was desperate for help and his self-esteem and confidence was non-existent.  Tim has now been on our Getting Work-Ready scheme for six months, has gained two certificates in ICT and has started looking forward to his weekly sessions. Tim has flourished in our supportive environment and we are delighted that he took the brave step in walking into our centre after being turned down by so many others.  We have high hopes for Tim and we will be here for Tim as long as it takes.