Social Committee Update

We had a quiet think about Janice much missed.

We took the minutes for June 9th as read and accepted.

At our last meeting Janet had in hand £106.00. At the time of the flower tea party there was a shortage of teaspoons and desert spoons in the hall cutlery collection. With apologies Janet decided to put this right £62.00 was spent. At the time of the Summer Lunch Janet gave a tip of £30.00 to the restaurant. They were so helpful especially the Manager. We now have £14.00 in hand.
After our last meeting we had £77.00p in our coffee collection pot. Subsequently we collected a further £ sent as previously agreed £100.00 p to the Sunflower Centre at the Hospice.
Following the request in Janice’s memory we agreed to send £100.00p to the Melanoma Research Trials at the Christie. At the time I sent a personal Cheque there was not enough in the pot, especially as we did not do coffee in August. At the moment I am still owed £30.00 that will soon be put right.

Coffee on Sunday is going fine. We are doing what we can. A huge thank you to all who help.  Some Sundays I am unable to cover.
Sally has suggested on the fifth Sunday as it happens we might try to make more of an effort, it would be more of a Social. A family service will be happening on the fifth Sunday.  We have time to think about it. The next fifth Sunday is December 31st which would not be suitable. Following is April 29th.

It should be noted the hall has not got all the equipment required for all occasions so we take the extra equipment from home. Large Coffee percolators being typical.

We have noted Rector’s plans for the future. It was felt with the best will in world the present; Social Committee could not commit to anything else due to age and ability. When the Jubilee committee was formed it was hoped they would be able to help Maybe there could be an amalgamation? That may be difficult with many Jubilee members working.

We talked about the Carers Service October 22nd
Gail, Sally, Alison Janet will help. There will be help from Birtles.
Preparing following morning Service coffee.
The Summer Lunch was a big success 28 people took part. We are planning to have a similar outing in the Spring.

We talked about the Christmas Fair on Saturday December 2nd 10 am. to 1pm
The basic plans are actioned. We have a list of people who kindly help.
The choir are organised. We need to confirm their proposed singing times.
The proposed stalls Raffle, Tombola. Gift Stall. Produce and homemade stall.
We will have coffee, mince pies Christmas cake biscuits.

We plan to hold a bridge Drive on Monday February 12th.
It is noted we need to really try to sell Tables. Last year we could have done with selling more.

Next meeting Thursday November 9th.1.30 at Margaret’s

Thank you to Margaret for having us this time, especially the lovely cake!

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