Sunday Services

Change to worship at 9.45am on Sundays to make it more welcoming of younger families
When the Parochial Church Council met on 22nd March, it agreed that from 1st August this will be the Sunday service pattern at 9.45am:

1st Sunday: Holy Communion (Book of Common Prayer) – as now
2nd Sunday: Family Service (Common Worship) – as now
3rd Sunday: Holy Communion (Book of Common Prayer) – as now
4th Sunday: Family Service (Common Worship)
5th Sunday: to vary.

At the same meeting, the Church Council also agreed that we will aim to introduce Common Worship Holy Communion early in 2019 and that this might be either monthly or on the 5th Sunday, and that this will be decided by the PCC later in 2018. A Communion service in the Common Worship style is more accessible to strangers to worship and it uses language that is easily understood.
I know that the Book of Common Prayer is greatly valued: I value it greatly. I am also looking to the future and the need to bring in younger adults and their children.
Changing from the Book of Common Prayer Communion service to the
Common Worship service will be a significant change and I will do all I can to make the change in a sensitive way. Please don’t hesitate to talk with Rev’d Hale.