Christmas Quiz 2015


The Jubilee Committee are “running” a Christmas Quiz to raise funds for St Mary’s.


Paul Brassington

The answers to the quiz were:

  Question Answer
1. Who moored his luxury yacht in Hotel Cipriani Italy? James Bond
2. In which city is Dr Who filmed? Cardiff
3. Who was the lead actress in the 1972 Cabaret? Liza Minelli
4. How many awards did The Kings Speech win? 99
5. Who stole Christmas in a Dr Seuss book? The Grinch
6. Sleeping with the Enemy – who wrote the novel from which the story line was taken? Nancy Price
7. Where do Upsy Daisy and Makka Pakka live? The Night Garden
8. Boron could represent this vehicle for Bruce Willis’s talent. The fifth element
9. Who made their first screen appearance in the film The Man in the Iron Mask? Peter Cushing
10. Lassie Come Home – how much did the dog called Lassie cost? $50
11. Tweak tinsel to reveal a hideously kinky individual (4,7) Kate Winslet
12. Who plays the Fairy Godmother in the 2015 adaption of Cinderella? Helen Bonham Carter
13. What film links a frost with heated copper and the greater good? Hot Fuzz
14. What year was E.T. released? 1982
15. What specific card game was played in the 2006 Casino Royale? Texas Hold em
16. What is the name of Doc Martin’s therapist? Dr Rachael Timoney
17. What film connects a gardner, a submarine and a staire  with an Aussie Armageddon? On the Beach
18. Who said “better to beg forgiveness than ask permission”? Grace Murray Hopper
19. Which flying cartoon character was created by Sarah Ferguson? Budgie the flying helicopter
20. Joky Mrs Cleaner moves on after only cold food is served (6,8) Jeremy Clarkson
21. Who played Annie in the 1994 Speed film? Sandra Bullock
22. What film allowed The Manufacturer to work with Tom, Dick and Harry? The Great Escape
23. Which love story links a station ticket collector with a prison? Brief Encounter, Stanley Holloway
24. Who was the original presenter of Newsround? John Craven
25. Which badly behaved man provided the voice of ‘Bob the Builder’? Neil Morrissey
26. Name a film script that Raymond Chandler did directly for the screen. The Blue Dahlia
27. What TV programme was Slumdog Millionaire based on? Who wants to be a Millionaire
28. Who ran Greendale’s post office? Mrs Goggins
29. Pathetic preen is changing to reveal what angers a sweet lord (3,10) The Apprentice
30. What film links a fictional President with a dark heart? Apocolypse Now
31. What is the mouse called in The Green Mile? Mr Jingles
32. In what film does Benny Hill work with a coward on a mini drama? The Italian Job
33. Which cartoon rodent was voiced by David Jason? Danger Mouse
34. Which annual TV programme is associated with a well- known elder and ‘money’ maker? The Great British Bake Off
35. What island is Mamma Mia filmed on? Skopelos
36. Who played Christian Grey? Jamie Doran
37. What is Richard Gear’s phobia in Pretty Woman? Heights
38. What film about major problems in a small red country was directed by a wood worker? Big Trouble in little China
39. Who used to fight the Mysterons? Captain Scarlett
40. What fictional character’s name links a strange milliner, a finch and a rock star? Alice
41. Who plays the anaesthetist in Holby City? Don Gilet
42. Watch stormy accident cling around the marks on the floor (8,4,7) Strictly Come Dancing
43. What links The Bridge on the River Kwai, Lawrence of Arabia with A Passage to India? Director David Lean
44. Who won the chocolate brownie in Notting Hill? William Thacker
45. What film links a tall Dante work with what might be a Scottish female sovereign in the lead? The Towering Inferno
46. Where is the main filming location of Downtown Abbey? Highclere Castle
47. Who made the quote “I’ll be back” famous? Arnold Schwarznegger
48. How many houses do they show people on Escape to the Country? 3
49. Prepare oven chick or rib to reveal a feisty lady (4,10) Erin Brockovich
50. What film links an Agatha Christie detective and a dead pirate? Black Beard’s Ghost